Sound Control gig off

We’re no longer playing at Sound Control in Manchester this Sunday, 14th September. Our next Manchester gig will be on 10th October at the Castle, Oldham Street – see you there!

“The Ark of War” EP Out Now!

The Ark of War EP coverF.I.Gmites of the world rejoice – the brand new EP “The Ark of War” has finally graced itself up on a grateful universe! Working at a pace that made Chinese Democracy look like a weekend demo from Axl’s garage, well – let’s just say we took the time to make this the best record it could be, and we honestly feel it’s our latest record yet. It features these six burning effigies of sonic brilliance, ready to cram down your ear-tubes:

  1. S.I.C
  2. Honeytrap
  3. Dawn Of The Shred
  4. Ride
  5. Head Held High
  6. Old Faithful

You can buy the new record in the latest digital fashion from CD Baby (the cheapest option – only £2.50, kids!), iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and a bunch of other places across the inter-lands. Or, for you purists out there, we’ve had some quaint “compact discs” created featuring the very same songs, which you can buy from us directly at gigs (see the gig list elsewhere on this website) or via the soon-to-be-launched e-shop (watch this space!)…

What’s that you say? Gigs? With our reputation?! Yes that’s right folks – the gruelling studio effort kept us off the road for a while but we’re back with a nuclear bang at these fine venues (with more dates to be added imminently):

Where some bands would retire now and reform only for the occasional lucrative reunion show, we’ve decided not to rest on our (or anyone else’s) laurels and have been hard at work on yet more new material, so keep an eye out here for new demos, photos, videos and the very latest on the resurgent acting career of F.I.G.M.O’s own thespian superstar, General Glory!

Until next time… Daltrey and out!