Today… The Day of Rockening is upon us! The Boys are off to a 1920′s mansion to carve the most astounding piece of audio-cheesecake the world has never seen!!!

Amazing show on Friday! We are very proud to call ourselves your FIGMen!! Old and new, you are our lifeblood FIGMites! Thank you! Next stop – Anwerp Mansion to record the next record!! Glory Be….!

The might MO are rocking the show at the legen.. (wait for it) …dary! Swan with two necks in Macclesfield this Friday!! It’s been too long! Rally up the troops and hold onto your tin hats and tits folks….we’re gonna blow them cleeeeaan off!


F.I.G.MITES the world over, we present to you for your viewing pleasure our first lyrics video, by request. Turn up all the way to 11 and yell along until you vomit a lung! Glorious!! Enjoy!!

It is with a sad heart that our beloved Commander in Beef has been forced to concede and announce that this Saturdays show at Dry Bar, Manchester will have to be postponed until further notice due to ongoing health concerns. A F.I.G.Man down, it would be detrimental to his recovery in the field hospital to try and play the show, and we really have no other options available. Intel at this point is unclear, but we wish him a speedy recovery during this very tough, challenging time. He send his love and says:

“There really are no words to express the great disappointment and distress caused by this cancellation. I feel a personal responsibility to each and every one of you, and cannot apologise enough. This has been a really heartbreaking decision, one which was not taken lightly, but in the context of potentially making a very difficult situation ten times worse, I feel I have no other option than to POSTPONE and RESCHEDULE when my recovery permits. I am so terribly, terribly sorry. For those who have paid for tickets already, a full refund will be arranged, just get in touch through our page. For those friends who have helped me through the last few weeks, I cannot thank you enough for your discretion, prayers, support and unending love. I will be back, bigger, ballsier, brasher and bouncier than ever, I promise, and I hope you can find the patience and understanding to forgive me for this horrendous decision I have been forced to make. Thank you so much, I love you all. F.I.G.M.O & Glory!”

Please feel free to wish him a speedy recovery, and stay posted for news on the rescheduling after this weekend.

Stay strong F.I.G.Mites!!

The Glory Boys